Saturday, January 30, 2010

homemade deodorant recipe

Make your own deodorant? Yeppers!

This is a really easy recipe. You can find most of the ingredients in your own kitchen and the rest you can find at any corner convenience store. Plus it's not loaded with all sorts of questionable chemicals or aluminum! We love that~

You will need:

2 tablespoons cocoa butter

2 tablespoons coconut oil (extra virgin)

2 tablespoons arrowroot powder or corn starch

3 tablespoons baking soda

1 capsule of Vitamin E oil

*optional, skin safe Essential oil

First you need to melt the cocoa butter. You can do this in a small pot on low heat or the stove *watching it carefully or use your microwave. For the microwave, you can use a pyrex measuring cup and heat for 30 seconds. Check it and see that it's almost completely melted. If it's not all melted, don't worry, it will melt sitting on the counter, very quickly.

Then add your coconut oil. You do not need to heat it again, because the coconut oil will melt from the heat of the pyrex container and the already warmed cocoa butter.

Stir with a spoon. Add the arrowroot or corn starch and baking soda. Stir.

When the mixture is cool to the touch, you can pierce the end of the Vitamin E capsule and squeeze out the oil into your mixture.

At this point, you're finished, unless you want to add scent, which you can add 6 drops of your favorite skin safe essential oil. We used lemon essential oil as it adds a fresh and clean smell.

What you end up with is a very thick paste. The thickness can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of arrowroot or cornstarch powder, to you liking.

Split the finished product in half, store both portions in a sealed plastic container and place one container in the fridge. The other container can go in your bathroom for daily use. When you get low, remove some of your back up from the fridge.

To use, simply take a pea sized amount, rub it on the tips of your fingers and apply to your underarms. Viola! Homemade deodorant!

While it's not 'antiperspirant' is is a natural deodorant that will keep you fresh and clean smelling, for a fraction of the cost! ;)




  1. Girl, I am lovin' the tutorials! Keep em' coming:)

  2. Fun idea! I have to admit though that the last picture looks like vanilla ice cream. :)

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  4. I know, right?! I was thinking the same thing! Probably best to LABEL what it is and then stick it in the fridge! :)