Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Grunge Line

Perfect for skate, surf or any kind of shop that's 'cool like that' or that cater to a younger crowd.....drumroll please........introducing the grunge line.

Dirty Soap- We call it dirty because it's made with Rhassoul mud that is known for it's detoxifying properties. Also, tea tree, lemon and rosemary essential oils that have antiseptic properties. This bar is great for anyone with stubborn or acne prone skin.

FU Bar- For the morning after a really tough night. The lemongrass and ginger essential oils are invigorating and give you that little wiff that perks you right up. Really great after club hopping or an all-nighter!

Gritty Brick- Ground cornmeal and citrus essential oils scrub even the dirtiest tagger clean. So if you're not out tagging buildings but working in the garden or on the car, this bar is great for getting the grime and grub off.

The pics are just sample sizes, but the regular bars are over 5 oz each and come packaged as displayed.

Ms. yummy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Now I ain't sayin' she a gold digger..."

"but she ain't messin' with no broke.... " ah, love Kanye. So, we wanted to make a Gold Digger soap and this is what we ended up with. It's fun, a bit funky and gleaming of gold glitter (caw-caw) we love anything with glitter!

It smells of bourbon geranium & jasmine so it's fragrant and floral with a bit of attitude. Get down girl, go'head!

Ms. yummy

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Green Tea & Ginger Soap Cake

Happy to be curing for the next 4 weeks, this green tea & ginger CP soap cake is going to get lots of ooh's and ahh's at an upcoming bridal shower. This is a perfect bridal favor, a gift the recipient will ACTUALLY love and use! It will be so adorable sitting on a cake pedestal!

It smells fantastic, of fresh green tea and a hint of exotic ginger and of course, it's made with a smidgen of love and a sprinkle of happiness for the bride to be.

Ms. yummy

Friday, July 17, 2009


Well......MAYBE not this one. Yes it smells of creamy coconut and luscious chocolate all mingled together. Kinda like opening the doors to your favorite cake shop and catching a wiff of something hot and fresh out of the oven. YUM!

This one we've layered for effect and have topped it with chocolate curls. AND best of all it's fat free! hee-hee. Well, it's soap. This is our German Chocolate Soap Cake and is headed to it's new home at Bumble Beads in NY. If you haven't you need to check out their very cool bobbles. Their link is on the left side of the blog.

Until next time...

Ms. yummy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

YUM! A Fresh Batch Of Oats & Honey Soap

It's too bad you can't smell it thru the internet because.....y u m m y!!!!!!! This stuff smells THAT good. This is a coconut & olive oil based soap so it's really hydrating and is made with honey, which gives it that luscious warm color. We also add finely ground oats that give you a little extra scrubbing action. But seriously, it smells so good you want to take a big chomp out of it. This is something we certainly would not recommend, because after all, it IS soap.

It's a warm, milky, honey, almond smell. Can you smell it?? :)

Ms. yummy

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shimmer Shimmer Cocoa Pop- Vegan lotion bar

Reminds us of the song..."shimmy shimmy cocoa pop..." but it's actually a lotion bar! If you haven't heard of a lotion bar, it's the same concept as lotion, minus the packaging. So you rub it in your hands and then rub it on whatever body part you want.

This particular lotion bar is made of mostly organic cocoa butter. We use fair trade, organic cocoa butter so it still has its lovely chocolate aroma. We also add unrefined, fair trade shea butter and scent it with a seriously yummy blend of warm sugar, vanilla, chocolate and a touch of musk (synthetic)

It's sultry & sweet all at the same time. And a little goes a long way. This bar will last and last and gives you peace of mind knowing its packaging won't be sitting for eternity in some landfill. :) That's just good karma and good karma smells so yummy!

Ms. yummy

A Yummy Cinnamon Scrub Bar

This bar is heavenly. Simply scrumptious....
It's loaded with ground cinnamon & clove so it smells......yummy. We also add natural ground oats, so you can be sure any dry, bumpy bit is left soft and smooth. It's also really softening on the skin, with palm kernel, olive, coconut oil & cocoa butter.

This is one of those bars where you might not be so inclined to share.....although sharing is always good :)

Ms. yummy

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lemon-A-Peel Soap

This yummy little block of lemon lusciousness one of our best selling soaps. It's made with organic oils and is a glycerine soap, so it's really hydrating on the skin. We create this soap with freshly squeezed orange, lemon & lime juice. We also add some ground lemon peel and amazing smelling essential oils that literally could make you drool. It's luscious and yummy all at the same time. You don't want to stop using it. It's the perfect wake-me-up in the morning shower.

Ms. yummy

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Stuff

ran across this on another blog and thought I would share....It has absolutely nothing to do with soap, but it's FUN :)
Enjoy! By the way.......the red button, left hand side, third one down is STOP Music :) Just so you know....

Cool Word Cloud

We simply couldn't resist! Create your own at

New Location For Yummy!

You will be able to buy our adorable soap cakes, cupcake fizzies and mini cupcake fizzies at:

Bumble Beads
620 Loudon Road
Latham, NY 12110

Bumble Beads carries thousands of beautiful beads from all over the world. They even provide tools that make designing your own jewelry fun and easy. Be sure to ask them about hosting your next party there!

They have a large boutique that is filled with many beaded gifts and accessories; jewelry handbags, picture frames, jewelry boxes and household accessories. Check them out Bumble Beads Studio

Ms. yummy

Handmade Soaps

Here are just a few of the many handmade soaps we make. We make both HP and CP soaps (depending on how patient we are feeling) :)
lavender oatmeal
citrus oatmeal
lemon poppyseed
groovy hemp bar
berry luscious
milk & honey
green tea & ginger
ginger lemongrass
orange ya happy
buck naked bar
road to bali
cinnamon scrub
scrub-a-dub bar (gardeners soap)
hazelnut cappuccino
oats & honey
and of course our Dirty soap with Rhassoul mud, tea tree, lavender & lemon essential oils.

Dirty soap is part of our 'grunge' line.......we also offer the FU Bar (for the morning after a really long night) and the Gritty Brick.

Ms. yummy

Friday, July 10, 2009

Voodoo Magic Massage Bar

This is for weekend warriors or really anyone that needs to work out some stubborn knots. This massage bar is made with organic cocoa butter and unrefined shea butter, so it's really hydrating on the skin. You rub it on whatever body part is giving you a fuss. The adzuki & mung beans will work out even the most stubborn of knots.

It also contains peppermint, cinnamon leaf and white pepper essential oils, that give you that minty-cool feeling and helps to relax tense muscles.

Did I mention this is great for a good old fashioned foot massage after a long day on your feet? If you can get someone to perform said massage, EVEN better!

Ms. yummy


If you want silky smooth skin this summer, let me tell you about our body scrubs. We use skin nourishing oils like avocado, apricot kernel, jojoba, sesame and Vitamin E. And the scent.....luscious.......a little bit of lemon, lime, tangerine, bergamot and blood orange essential oils just to name a few :)
Lemon Drop is one of our best sellers, but we do make two other mineral salt scrubs: put the lime in the coconut & berry sinful (which is actually made with strawberries!)

We use the same base of oils for our sugar scrubs, which come in two scrumptious scents; mango sorbet and vanilla bean which has real organic vanilla pods infused and vanilla absolute, so it really smells of warm vanilla! I do recall someone talking about a study performed where they asked men what scent they liked most and it was......VANILLA! Hey, if you smell like a yummy cookie......what could be better?! (hee-hee)

You will love~love~love it!

Ms. yummy

Hot & Fresh Out Of The Oven

Yesterday we baked a creamy and dreamy tropical dream soap-cake with tangerine, lime, mango & grapefruit drizzle and a yummy lemon blueberry soap cake, with a lemon sugar glaze. Mmmmmmmmm..... they smell awesome! :)

Ms. yummy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shea It's So!

Just received a 50 lb order of unrefined shea butter from Ghana. We use a lot of shea and will go thru this block quickly, but it is pretty impressive to see :)


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CRAZY idea!

Ok, so at the yummy meeting today we brainstormed some ideas and one was very I had to share! hee-hee. Ok, it's really more of a gag gift or would be a really 'cool' present for little boys, little girls- eh, not so much....... 

A bar of soap called 'the up-chuck bar!' So a mixed blend of many soaps into a lumpy, icky looking shape and voila- the up-chuck bar is barfed, I meant...born!

This is not your mothers soap, and no, we wouldn't recommend it as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift (you may end up on the sofa for that one) but it does have it's place. So yes, we are considering it. 

Just a little pearl of wisdom from deep within the gelatinous masses (aka brains) of the yummy staffers :)

Ms. yummy