Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oh no they didn't!

Scrumptious and simply SINFUL! You know what?? SHAME ON US! This stuff is too good! :) It is actually pretty yummy! Even our number one tester, little Mr. Michael says so and he's 7 and is BRUTALLY honest about things ;)

First is our Neapolitan Ice Cream Parfait Sugar Scrub
Layers of scrumptious strawberry, warm vanilla and creamy chocolate in an awesome sugar scrub. Not at all greasy, but leaves your skin buttery soft and squeaky clean.

Then...why stop now we asked? "No, lets go for it!" exclaimed Nichol aka Soap Girl..and so we did. You can blame her.

Chocolate Raspberry Roll Lotion.
Really????? Now....this stuff. OMG. Literally makes you want to lick it. But don't!
It's that good. Smells SOOOOOO good (scientifically speaking) you're brain must register it as FOOD and you get the urge to eat it. FIGHT this, you must, because eating lotion is 'not a good thing' as Martha would say.

Lastly, after many emails and threats of a lynch mob, we've brought our beloved Sugar Cookie scent back. It was supposed to be a holiday fragrance, but fate would otherwise decide....."um...NO!" So, it's repackaged and back up on the Etsy sales block. Soon will be joined by the sugar cookie buttercream sugar scrub too.

You can find all these and more at our Etsy shop.

Ok, enough blathering about products! :)

Until next time...

peace~love~and MUCH happiness!


  1. Those look and sound wonderful! I LOVE chocolate and raspberries scents! The scrub is so pretty with the layers.

  2. OMG Chocolate Raspberry Roll-I can only imagine my 2 year old taking a bite out of my arm!

    You all definitely put the yummy in suds!

  3. Totally yummy! I love your labels too! I'm waiting on my toner cartridges to arrive any day now - until then, no label printing for me!