Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm kinda doing a haul post

Know this....I was not asked, nor paid, nor requested in anyway to do these reviews. These reviews are honest, heartfelt and it is what it is people. We as women, share information and this is some information you SIMPLY must have dahlings....so here it goes!

My first little diddy on the menu.......The Soap Seduction.

If you haven't been to Patrice's blog, you simply must! She dishes all the daily doings of soap-making with such a humor, you literally laugh out loud and Ms. Yummy LOVES that! She's honest, sassy and funny all at the same time! It's PERFECT! I nominate her for her own reality show! It would be a HUGE hit! :)

I ordered from the Soap Seduction, a bar of her Royal Soap Black Tea & Rose. Scrumptious! Smells just like tea and rose. No artificial weird smells here. It's just the right balance. And it's pretty to boot! Isn't' it pretty?! Makes a nice gift.
Well, I lucked out because apparently the slice I was getting was a smaller than usual slice so Ms. Patrice was kind of enough to send me a second bar, which was the Mango Meringue Soap!

Let me just say, both soaps are gorgeous and lovely, both smell FANTASTIC- Ms. yummy happens to have a love affair with food, so anything that smells like anything I could possibly eat....PERFECT! This hunk of Mango loveliness had my name written all OVER It!

I for one, don't think things happen by accident...so this piece was CALLING to me! And can I just say, family members were actually stealing this soap from out of MY bathroom! Oh, no! It's that good. It's creamy!!!!!! A lot of handmade soaps lose that creaminess, but this is CREAMY and feels so good on your skin! I HIGHLY recommend this bar and you need to check her out!

The next soap diva I'm going to dish on is Ms. Regina with Margarita Bloom!

Have you hear of this soap company? FANTASTIC! I opened the box and was digging thru it...finding the Cupcake Love soap cupcake i ordered....the Hot Cocoa sugar scrub I ordered and a hot chocolate soap that I also ordered. She threw in a free sample of lip balm! How nice is that?!

The product I need to rant about....other than her packaging, that is sooooooooooo adorable.......the Wickedly Good Creamy Hot Cocoa Sugar Scrub. I mean......honestly.....I was taken aback by the way it was packaged. Carefully thought out. All of the items I received, top notch packaging, and the contents just matched it. I was floored to see the detail she put into her packing slip, which is adorable too! No detail untouched.

The Hot Cocoa sugar scrub was something I wanted to eat. Literally! Give me a spoon and I'm all about it! lol
It's fantastic! These make great gifts too!
She is not on etsy, but check out her website! You won't regret it!

Next I ordered (with some holiday $$) an adorable wristlet ( or clutch) from MaryJMaalouf on Etsy.

Isn't it perfect?! I'm not a gigantic, hobo bag type of person. These days, it needs to be compact and cute or it just won't cut it. Handcrafted and absolutely flawless are MaryJMaalouf bags! You can tell a lot of effort goes into detail of the product. It's perfect! Comes with a cute little mirror for last minute makeup checks! Sturdy and trendy and SO cute~

You know that song that is on all of the Old Navy commercials where the cute little girls are singing "how cute are these boots?" well I want to sing, "how cute is my bag?" lol

You really need to check her out too, awesome clutches, ipod cases, wallets, change purses and handbags!

And last, but certainly not...in any way, shape or form the least.............The product I ALMOST ate! No kidding! Verbena Custom Blends on Etsy.

I ordered this frothy, made from scratch, whipped up soap in a Double Vanilla Buttercream scent..because I happen to LOVE buttercream....and what I received SHOCKED me! Not only did I receive this absolutely buttery, have died and gone to heaven, smooth textured cream soap...but I received a sample! Again...not one to believe in accidents---> this sample literally stopped me in my tracks.....I had EVERYONE in my house smelling it and EVERYONE was making the same.......(eyes closed, smile on the face) look...and I hate to say it, but kinda like sex in a jar! :) hee-hee!

Really, I thought?! Did she just do that?! Make something so incredibly scrumptious and smell edible that I literally want to eat it and I was SOOOOOOOOOO tempted! Trust me! I ALMOST took a lick. It iterally took willpower. My brain registered FOOD and down the pike it should have gone!

I do not know this woman. I have never met her! I don't' even know if she's a she or a he, but whoever it is, he/she needs to walk around with a sign that says 'my stuff smells so good, I should be illegal!' lol No kidding!

I'm thinking it should be named "touch this and lose a limb" or better yet, simply, "MINE!" because that's the word out in this house! Hands off mommas goods buster or ELSE! lol

That's my rave and I'm sticking to it!



  1. Hi Yummy Suds! Thanks for coming to the Parade of Creations - glad you enjoyed it & want to start your own. We may be on to something. We might get a meme started & get more traffic.

    Enjoyed your post. I love Patrice's soaps - I have tried several. That Mango Meringue looks good enough to eat! Margarita Bloom has some fantastic products! I love all of the ones that I have tried. The lemon cookies are adorable and the cupcakes are divine! You will have much fun with this review.

    Be sure to come visit us again! ~Debbie

  2. Thank you so much for posting about the wristlet! You are so sweet! I am so happy to know that you like it! :)

  3. It really is so fun to try other products. I just love to buy soap and such! Great reviews and now I'm going to go check out those links...

  4. Hey Kim! Wow, all these goodies look fabulous! Such pretty soaps and I adore wristlets! I have a pink faux leather wristlet that is sooo adorable!

    Awww, what a sweetie you are to post about our bath goodies! You're making me blush! :)

  5. OK...Where was I when you first posted this??? I'm blushing-literally! There's nothing more validating than getting the stamp of approval from your fellow soap sister:)

    Thank you:)

  6. You're welcome girls! They are fabulous!!