Tuesday, January 5, 2010

death by chocolate anyone?

I just realized Valentines is quickly approaching and about that time, cupid shot me in the rear and said...."we need some scrumptious valentines day goodies, woman!" :) So Death By Chocolate came about. Oh it's just a scrumptious sugar scrub parfait with layers of rich decadent chocolate, slathered in a gooey marshmallow cream drizzle and a whiff of steaming hot Godiva® Chocolate coffee. YUMMY! What's not to LOVE~LOVE~LOVE?!

It also contains a buttery blend of skin loving fair trade shea & cocoa butters. You seriously could be tempted to take a lick, or a spoonful!

It's colored naturally from the ground cocoa powder and bits of Godiva® Chocolate Coffee grounds.

I'm starting to wonder if I should put a warning label on this temptingly sinful concoction?!



  1. Now that's just damn sick!!! Why would I want to bathe with this when all I want to do is scarf it:)

  2. muhahahaha! You know how I love food! Always sneaks into the product creation somehow :)

  3. I would definitely be tempted to take a spoonful - or twenty.

  4. you should call it "bath by chocolate"... heehee

  5. bath by chocolate! love it!!
    How was Paris?