Friday, January 15, 2010

give back

What do you do with your soap scraps?

If you're producing a lot of soap a month, you end up with a lot of soap scraps. These can be shavings, bars with dents, morphed soaps (which I seem to be on a roll with lately) or end cuts. We tend to end up with a lot of scraps and stumbled upon a way to make use of these soaps.

I know a lot of people rebatch or confetti into other soaps, which works, however I am NO fan o rebatching and had been looking for a better solution.

We contacted our local homeless shelter and womans center asked if we could donate our scap soaps to the organizations...needless to say, they were happy to receive the soaps!

If you shave your soaps, even this can be saved in a garbage bag, rewetted and shaped into a soap ball, so nothing goes to waste. Gotta love that!! :)

peace~love~and giving back,


  1. That is really awesome of you! What a wonderful and kind thing to do!

  2. Felicidades por tus jabones. Es un blog maravilloso.