Saturday, January 9, 2010

more chocolate!

Wickedly Sinful Organic Chocolate Soap! One of our yummy retailers called us and requested a chocolate with ancho chile spice to it holiday goodies...and we thought.....we can do that! ;) And so, Wickedly Sinful Chocolate Soap was just made. We used all organic oils in this soap, some cocoa powder and indeed, a pinch or two of ancho chile powder. It smells, like deep rich chocolate with a touch of smokey spice. YUMMERS!

I've also been playing around with our cuppycake fizzies. I originally had a whipped soap on top of these fizzies, which is great if it's being sold locally, but shipping the cupcake was another story. The soap never dried hard, so it would get ruined by the time it made it across the country! Because of shipping we started using royal icing, but this just isn't the topping I wanted. It works well and allows you to ship anywhere, however, the icing tops notoriously pop off and it's not soap.

I've made the soap cupcake, made entirely of soap, but wanting to stick with the half fizzy half icing cupcake- I've been on a mission. I have tried many recipes with hard toppings even one with melt and pour but couldn't find the right consistency that kept that creamy icing look AND the top didn't pop off!

Many moons ago I stumbled upon Nizzy's whipped soap tutorial. Fantastic things he's doing down undah, in the outback! So, I contacted him with my questions about he was quick to respond with a full email of recommendations! :) Thanks Niz!

These are the test bunnies in the soap kitchen....made with no added colorant, as I simply wanted to test the texture and see if it would INDEED stick to the top of the fizzy. So far, so good...they are sticking!

Notice my warning note and the clever comeback from my witty daughter.

I'm also creating bath creamers...kinda a fusion of a bath fizzy and bath melt! Really loaded with organic cocoa butter...which I love~love~love! I'm going to post a tutorial at a future date for those of you who would also like to create these:

They are FUN and are lovely in the bath. These were made with a half of my bath bomb mold. I've ordered a round mold, that would create bath creamers about the size of golf balls. Wouldn't they be adorable in a little box with a clear top and a bow?



  1. Ha! Ha! Love the note!! I've heard of the whipped soap, but haven't tried it. I hope you found the right combination!

  2. So far so good! I need to balance the oils this test batch was 1/2 coconut and 1/2 rice bran oils.....but it's looking promising! :)

  3. Yum,, yum....YUMMERS! Looks good enough to nibble on Kim!! :)