Saturday, January 16, 2010

back to basics

I realized that we make about 80 different products! YIKES! Well, this includes the 25 different scents of soaps, which is just too much! lol
I am a Mercury Gemini and want to make EVERYTHING under the sun, dahlings, but its simply not back to basics!

Yesterday I made a completely organic, unscented and non colored loaf of CP soap. It's natural buttery color comes from the oils and the organic fair trade cocoa butter that's in it. For the non-soapers out there, CP stands for cold processed. I do a lot of HP (hot process) where the soap is actually cooked and can be used rather quickly and CPOP (cold process oven process) where some heat is applied the soap can be used within a week or so and CP is no heat at all.
Cp produces a creamier feeling, more opaque bar. The down side of CP is waiting for the soap to cure (4-6 weeks.) For someone that has no patience, thats like a lifetime! lol :)

I'm kinda diggin' it! :)



  1. It is hard waiting for soap! That soap loaf looks lovely and every now and again, it's just wonderful to soap up with a plain bar of soap. It's still a million times better than store-bought!

  2. Wow!! I really like this one. I love the chunky swirls on top. I've actually discovered that unscented soap has such a pleasant natural aroma. I'm thinking of making a similar batch myself:)

  3. It does have a nice aroma! I'm liking it! And you're right, so much better than store bought!

  4. I love this one! The top is beautiful and I love the creamy color of natural CP soap (sans colorants). Bet it will feel divine on the skin once cured :)

  5. If you do DWCP (Deep Water Discount Cold Process) your soap will be ready in days as opposed to just regular CP. And it will retain the creamy texture unlike HP or CPOP.

  6. I have heard of that, but have never tried it. I'll have to try it :) As the vats get larger, HP becomes more difficult and I've never really liked the HP texture.
    Thanks for this! :)