Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who needs Mistletoe?!

Fabulous little lotion bars that smell like spiced fig & brown sugar yumminess!
We made a cute little label and it's packaged and ready to go!

The REST of the day was dedicated to serious organizing and cleaning of the soap kitchen. ALL DAY LONG! I realized that most of my 'stuff' was in big boxes and so I moved everything to clear storage containers and now I can actually SEE what's what! Major overhaul at yummy headquarters! I'm pooped! I must say....having everything in an organized space makes you feel must be that feng shui thing! :)



  1. How cute!I have a very similar mold, but I'm using mine to make bath melts. Great minds....

  2. Yes, great minds! ;) I'm embarking on shower jelly....have you tried it? It's fun to make and kids as well as adults love it too! :)

  3. These look great! Love the labels too! I'm in a clean-out mode too. Wish I had more time for it...

  4. TY.
    I spent the ENTIRE day, Sunday. The ENTIRE day! lol and let me tell you, spring chicken I am not because the next day I felt like I went a few rounds in a ring with Evander!! :)
    I said to my husband, "wow I feel like someone whipped my butt!" and his reply, "they did, and her name is Kim." lol