Wednesday, November 25, 2009

this and that was yet ANOTHER attempt at copacabana (my pineapple & coconut) lovely that use to work. But the last 4 yes, FOUR...8 lb batches curdled!

At first I thought, maybe I just got mixed up and mis-measured. Tried it again. Same outcome...

Then I thought, well, maybe I mis-measured again?! (blonde) So I tried it again. Same outcome...

THEN I thought I'll have someone else measure and I'll fragrance.......SAME OUTCOME.

So today, was the fourth attempt. I ran the recipe thru the soap calc, carefully measured, fragranced and yet again......Can I just throw it out the window?! lol

Seriously. 32 lbs of soap. Makes me crazy!!

Apparently it's an additive. I must have fragranced with a mix of pineapple and coconut and then I found a lovely blend of the two (a different fragrance oil) and have been using that. I suspect it's the culprit.

Tomorrow is festivities with the family...and stuffing ourselves with turkey and the trimmings and ending the night by playing a card game called GUTS. A family favorite! hee-hee

So Friday will be test day. A small batch I'm switching out the suspected FO and see if it curdles.

I will keep you posted!

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat, drink & be merry! :)

peace~love and thankfulness,


  1. Wow! You're singing the coconut blues too huh? I can't wait to hear how this turns out. Next time post some pics of the curdled soap.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)

  2. Yikes...32 lbs! So sorry, but I'm confident you will figure out the culprit :) On a lighter note, many blessings to you and your family...Happy Thanksgiving!