Friday, November 20, 2009

a new blog for yummy!

Thanks to Erin with Designer Blogs, such a class act! I HIGHLY recommend her for a revamp of your blog (if you were wanting one.) She's fast, efficient, friendly, everything you could ever want in a blog designer! Smart too!! ;)

Lots of things in the works for yummy. Oh, I can't WAIT to show you what we've got cooking in the soap kitchen. So cute for the holidays too. You'll have to wait for it...I'm still waiting to get it finished. Adorable really...and I'm sure will be in many a stocking this year. I'll get it posted soon so you guys can make some! You'll love it!!

Also the yummy website is being revamped as well. As soon as that's available I'll show it off baby!

Do you like FREE? Yes, of course you do....well, be sure to visit Tammi at myorganizedchaos and see what she's saying about little ol' me! Plus you get to register to get some free goodies......which as Martha would say, is "a good thing!"

The holidays are coming and that means PUMPKIN BREAD! Yay! I've blogged about this scrumptious bread and even shared the be sure to get that! ;) Making that this year to bring to our families festivities. Yum. It's sinful and fat free! hee-hee NOT! REALLY not. Like 3 cups of sugar, NOT! :) But hey, it's good and it's Thanksgiving, which is a time we all stuff ourselves like turkeys! Or maybe that's just me...

Ok dahlings. I'm SOOOO excited to share the latest, albeit novelty item, but cute!