Sunday, November 8, 2009

to reformulate or not...

If you're like me, you're constantly looking to improve, improve, improve on an already stellar product ;) Case in point, the chocoholic pucker pots lip balms. Yes they are lovely....a beeswax, shea & cocoa butter loveliness with lots of real chocolate but I wanted to make them MORE lip loving...... so off to the lab.

I love using oats in lotions, soaps, etc but this time I wanted to use an oat infusion in the lip balm base. What a difference! I am loving this new concoction! It's not as hard as a traditional lip balm, so this product would not fair well in a lip balm tube, but the little pot, perfect! It's creamy and stays on your lips for a very long time. My lips feel soft, supple and are seriously drinking this lip balm in! I'm the classic-need-to-drink-more-water person and my lips are constantly dry.... So the difference for me is noticeable.

Also made some more lemon poppy seed soap. Its nothing fancy, but is my best selling soap and is hard to keep in stock. It gets its lovely lemon color from the lemon & lemongrass essentials oils- no colorants or fragrance oils here. Just pure natural soap, plain & simple.

I'm also making the most adorable holiday lotion bars shaped like snow flakes and smelling like some yummy brown sugar & fig scent. Think I'll name this one 'Who needs mistletoe?!' and package it in a carry along tin. Pictures tomorrow dahlings....

AND I've made it before, but today will be a shower jelly, shaped in cute little stocking, Christmas tree and gingerbread man shapes. They are wiggly, like jello and hold scent well. They lather like soap and leave you squeaky clean. Lots of fun. Kids love them. Me too! And I found these little corn based eco-friendly containers to put them in. Gotta love that!

Until next time..XOXO

peace~love & always testing,

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  1. Mmmm, I'm a sucker for a good, natural lip balm! And the shower jelly sounds so interesting...haven't come across that one yet. Can't wait to see pics!