Saturday, November 21, 2009

been a little naughty?

Maybe you've seen these before, maybe you haven't. I ran across them on etsy, so this is definitely not my idea, but who ever thought of it first...all I can say is.....GENIUS!

What better stocking stuffer than a sack of COAL? Or soap, that is! ;)

Handmade soap made to look like coal. hee-hee I LOVE this idea!

You can use black soap die, but it would probably take a lot to really pull off a deep black color. Activated charcoal is what I used to bring it to this shade of black.

And the smell....well, like Christmas of course! It's a cute gag-gift....but in the end, it's still yummy soap, so the smell had to be the blend of the holiday tree, smelling fresh of Balsam Fir...and gingerbread men, hot out of the oven, with grandmothers pumpkin pie looking sweet on the counter, with a few cranberries & figs thrown in there somewhere. It's luscious and makes me smile ever time I smell it.

Each sack holds roughly 4 oz of soap. The roughly chopped pieces are placed into the bag and cinched at the top. It's stamp reads: been a little naughty? Sack of COAL.

I can see these in many a get to makin' some lumps o' coal soapers! It's fun, pretty easy and will make those that receive it, smile.