Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simply Scrumptious!

So, it's Sunday and I have been in the mood to bake some cranberry pumpkin bread for some time now. A few weeks ago I posted the recipe that I've been making for years....a seriously good, no fail recipe I might add ;)

It's different than any other pumpkin bread recipe I've seen as this one has orange juice in it. The pumpkin spice is YUMMO! Can you smell it?!

Also made today, was more Hot Spiced Apple Cider, A Romp In the Pumpkin Patch and Fubar Soap! 24 lbs of soap cooling in the kitchen- My house smells say the least!

BUT, the icing on the cake involved my 6 year old son....sitting in the kitchen with me, playing on the computer (online games) as he often does. Usually it's or but today, somehow, he found another site.....something called So he says, "hey mom, look at what Mario is doing to the princess!" and I walk over and look at the screen and see Mario, albeit fully dressed, dry humping the princess! (jaw-drops) GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (eye's the size of saucers) and a further glance of the page I see barely dressed cartoon girls with big eyes and hooters to match bouncing around! WHAT THE ?!?!

I quickly changed the screen and decided it's time for the nanny software that blocks this type of trash. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

I know you can't keep your kids unscathed forever.....but I'm so loving the innocence he still has.....

It seems like the world is in such a rush to taint him. If I could only hold it off, just a wee bit longer.....
Can I get an AMEN?!

peace~love~and having a heart attack,

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