Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little Yummy here and there

Welcome and let me tell you, it's a lovely, cool day here in usually sunny & hot FLA! I love this weather and I'm opening all my windows and will be sucking in this crisp, fresh air!

Today's agenda.....SOAP, SOAP and more (can you guess?) Yes! SOAP!
Citrus oatmeal, berry luscious and candy man. This stuff flies off the shelves! I'm thinking my 8 lb molds need to be bumped up a notch. Not quite ready for the 40 lb slab mold. Can you even IMAGINE?! lol That's one big HUNK of soap!!

Some new happenings......Tammi from My Organized Chaos got her hands on some yummy and is dishing out some reviews of the products. Check her blog out. LOTS and LOTS of info going on there...giveaways, reviews, a 2009 holiday gift guide, she's wheelin' and dealin! She's just reviewed the Let Them Eat Cake, holiday lip balm trio and pucker pot. What did she say?? Well you'll have to read it yourself! :) My Organized Chaos

Also, Paula at Green Colored Glasses who blogs about anything eco friendly and green and you know how Ms. yummy loves~loves~loves earth friendly! Some very cool information here, like crayon rocks made of soybeans, and plastic bags that dissolve in water!

Stop by these blogs and say hi!