Wednesday, February 3, 2010

neon rose bud

Wasn't supposed to be yellow/orange NEON rosebud...but cest la vie.

This is what happens when you think you're clever and mix the soap colorant in with the lye water, which turned a lovely shade of pink and little ol' me thought..."oh that will be pretty" well.......not so much. It's not disgustingly horrible, but trust me, the neon color is not really coming thru in the photo and it's pretty neon! lol It smells lovely, it just looks strange.

I had to share. DO NOT add your colorant to the lye water. It morphs and cp soap can be morphy all on it's own.

So, 8 lbs of neon rosebud sitting here! It's nice when an 'oopsie' can turn into a different 'I mean't to do that' soap, but this is a little more challenging!

peace~love~and always learning,


  1. Somehow it works. It's lovely!

  2. The color in the photo is gorgeous - still is is always dissapointing when things don't look the way youimagined they would. :(