Friday, February 12, 2010

soap cakes & wedding favors

Brides are busy little bee's preparing for their upcoming weddings! So, we've been cooking up some soapalicious wedding favors in honor of the blushing bride~

These organic handmade soaps are absolutely adorable in a cute little custom printed cake box with a bow. It makes the wedding favor memorable and is something everyone will use.

All of our soap cakes are made with pure organic oils and are also extra skin loving from the heaping dollop of fair trade, organic cocoa butter we hand stir into each batch.

Here we have a mini cheesecake (soap cake) with roses on top. Each slice weighs approximately 2.5 oz.

Or a perfect shower favor...a slice of organic soap that looks good enough to eat! This is our Ring of Roses soap cake. We get about 20 or so, 3.5 oz slices in this size cake.

And last, but not least...our Simply Scrumptious Chocolate soap cake. Rich milk chocolate swirls around a layer of warm, buttery vanilla. Oh if only you had a scratch-n-sniff screen!!!! It's kinda yummy! :)

From wedding favors to bridal or baby showers, all of our soap cakes can be custom designed and scented based on individual needs.

peace~love~and wedding bells,


  1. What a GENIUS idea! I can't believe how great they look, so fun.

  2. While they all look fantastic, I LOVE the Chocolate cake! That is amazingly delish!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm deliciosos!!!!

  4. Thanks ladies! The chocolate one is the favorite in this camp too! :)

  5. these are great! i'm a little partial to the ring of roses..

  6. I wanted to let you know I added this post to my blog. Your all very talented and I am so impressed. Billie

  7. This soap are fantastic, you are a great artist.Ummmm it seems to me delicious.

  8. These WOULD be great as party favors! Love them!

  9. :) hee-hee.... you guys are making me *blush!
    I'm glad you like them!