Thursday, February 4, 2010

soap making supplies

This is a list of soap making tutorials, soap supplies, lye calculators, soap history and soap recipes that you may find beneficial.

If you're new to soaping, not all lye calculators are created equal, meaning, they each have different formulations for your lye & water amounts. You'll find, some are more suited for cp (cold process) soaps while others tend to make a more firm hp (hot process) bar.

Happy soaping!

CP (cold process) soap tutorials:
The Soap Bar
Soap Making Essentials

CP (cold process) soap swirl tutorials:
Nizzy Moulds
Soap Queen

CP (cold process) whipped soap tutorials:
Nizzy Moulds

HP (hot process) soap tutorials:
Teach Soap

Soap mold ideas:
Nizzy Moulds

Soap cutters:
Nizzy Moulds
Willow Way

M&P (melt & pour) soap tutorials
Teach Soap
Go Planet Earth

Other recipes:
Cuticle Butter
Salt Bars

Lye calculators for cp soap:
The Sage
Soap Calc

Lye calculators for cp & liquid soap:
Summer Bee Meadow
Snow Drift Farm

Lye calculator for cp/hp/liquid or cream soap:
Snow Drift Farm

Common Soapmaking terms:
Cibaria Soap Supplies

Soap History:
Alca Soft

Fragrance oil info:
Fragrance Oil Finder
Scent Forum

Glossary soap terms
Alca Soft

Atlantic Spice
SF Herb
The Sage
Creative Fragrances
Sweet Cakes
The Chemistry Store
Elements Bath & Body
Symphony Scents
Soapers Choice aka Columbus Foods
TKB Trading
Camden Grey
Scent Works
Peak Candle
From Nature With Love
Lotion Crafter
Snow Drift Farm
PV Soap
Essential Wholesale

Scent Forum
Craft Server
Soap Making Forum
Teach Soap



  1. Oooh, oooh, oooh (hand raised in the air, LOL)...Columbus Foods is also a great resource for supplies, particularly fixed oils and butters. Some of the cheapest prices around, even on organic :) Great resource post!

  2. Great post Kim! I'm going to have to check out that Columbus Foods site!!!