Friday, October 23, 2009


ARGHHHHHHHH! CHEESE & RICE!!!!! 8#$!% 8 lbs of soap down the drain! It's not happy and neither am I! The evil soap fairy at it again......RUINED a beautiful huge batch of copacabana soap! Ugh.

I should have known when it traced sooooooo quickly! I barely had time to get the colorant in when it was turning to glop! Way faster than normal. I've made this batch dozens of times.....but today..... NO SOAP FOR YOU! :"(

And as I've said.....rebatching and I are NOT friends! Nor will we EVER be!!! What a soapy SHAME!!!

It smells's just a big oily mess and I'm ready to chuck it out the window and yell GOOD riddance, but I'm worried some poor animal may eat it and croak!

Soaping is kinda like may swing and miss the ball.....and start digging a little hole to China :) and you get frustrated....and drop a few F*bombs, ok, well, maybe you'd like too....and then, out of nowhere, you hit the sweet spot...and the ball flies was almost effortless.....smooth and easy. Just lovely.

Not today, I'm digging that little hole to China and biting my tongue!

Misery needs company...feel free to share your latest annoyance :)

a little testy today,


  1. Oooohhhh, the horror...I know the feeling! Just Fri. I tried a new swirling technique, compliments of a fellow soapy blogger. Per the recommendation, I combined the oils & liquid at a very cool temp...It's too painful to re-hash the outcome, but I know I will fair better next time :)

  2. I'm sayin!!! I cannot stand throwing away soap!
    Mine was room temp too....hmmmmm