Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Oh I just couldn't stand it. I love themes and went with a spooky theme for the blog and when the holidays roll around I'll switch it up again.

I spent the day making a pink, sweet, luscious soap scented with a Rock ★ dup. It smells EXACTLY like it. Amazing! And one of my favorites, so I'll have to swipe a hunk for my own personal use! Gotta love the perks! ;)

Today a lot less hacking going on...I've had this upper respiratory thing going on for WEEKS now! I finally took a Z-pack ---> antibiotic and it started to go away. I swear I though my lung was going to fly out of my mouth and onto the floor, I was coughing so hard! lol

The swine flu has been going around my neck of the woods and my 6 yo son actually got it about a month or so ago. Had a really aggressive fever that would NOT go away! Well, it would lower to 100-101 then spike back up to 104 degrees! :O Poor little guy. He had to go on Tamiflu and that just made him throw up. I am thankful I didn't get that bug!

On another note, I still have to plan my annual gingerbread house making party. All of the ladies in our family attend- and let me tell you, the competition is ON! It's fun- we make lots of baked goodies and of course- spiked egg nog :)
Last year was "BS" (before soap) and I filled the table with homemade pies, cakes, tarts, cookies, brownies, candies, literally anything you could think of was made, from scratch. Uhhhh...this year.....we'll see :)
My kitchen has become a soap kitchen! I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about! lol

Here are some pictures of the yummy girls and their fantastic gingerbread houses!
This is Jenny and her gingerbread creation!

And Nichol with her award winner! Her creation won first place!

If you look closely, she turned the gingerbread house on its side..so it resembled a cardboard box, put a dirty santa inside and called it "recession santa" lol. So clever!

And this is the gingerbread crew, well, most of them. This year we will probably have 12 or 13 ladies. I'm the one in the green shirt, so now you have a face with the Ms. yummy name.

You should consider a gingerbread house making party for your friends or family. Just buy the kits, and pre-make them. Don't bother making the gingerbread from scratch- It's too time consuming.

It's a load of fun...creates great memories and is just a great way to spend some quality time with those that you love.



  1. Great idea! Love the Recession Santa!! :)

  2. We love it!!
    Hey, how did your soap turn out?