Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Phew! We've been busy!!

We've also made some scrumptious and I mean SCRUMPTIOUS solid perfumes! Vegan friendly :)

The sense of smell is important. Smell can change moods, turn heads and have someone following you around, just to get a whiff!

Our Oh Honey, Beehive smells like a juicy, sweet orange, slathered in a bit of honey with just a touch of spicy bergamot. It's seductive, feminine, but not too sweet. It will have you saying, "Oh honey, beehive!" (wink-wink)

The second scent is Sugar Plum. A limited edition made specifically for the holidays...smells like pink, fluffy cotton candy and vanilla. It's luscious and you kinda wanna lick it....which in our humble opinion is not such a bad thing. Well, don't actually lick it!

You can pop them in your purse and take them with you. They are vegan, made using candelilla wax, which is a natural non-animal based wax. This plant based candelilla wax grows in Mexico, in the north central plains, and the Chihuahua desert. It is a very hard wax with superior quality and is a perfect alternative to beeswax.

Enjoy smelling luscious, dah-lings!


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