Monday, July 13, 2009

Shimmer Shimmer Cocoa Pop- Vegan lotion bar

Reminds us of the song..."shimmy shimmy cocoa pop..." but it's actually a lotion bar! If you haven't heard of a lotion bar, it's the same concept as lotion, minus the packaging. So you rub it in your hands and then rub it on whatever body part you want.

This particular lotion bar is made of mostly organic cocoa butter. We use fair trade, organic cocoa butter so it still has its lovely chocolate aroma. We also add unrefined, fair trade shea butter and scent it with a seriously yummy blend of warm sugar, vanilla, chocolate and a touch of musk (synthetic)

It's sultry & sweet all at the same time. And a little goes a long way. This bar will last and last and gives you peace of mind knowing its packaging won't be sitting for eternity in some landfill. :) That's just good karma and good karma smells so yummy!

Ms. yummy

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