Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Grunge Line

Perfect for skate, surf or any kind of shop that's 'cool like that' or that cater to a younger crowd.....drumroll please........introducing the grunge line.

Dirty Soap- We call it dirty because it's made with Rhassoul mud that is known for it's detoxifying properties. Also, tea tree, lemon and rosemary essential oils that have antiseptic properties. This bar is great for anyone with stubborn or acne prone skin.

FU Bar- For the morning after a really tough night. The lemongrass and ginger essential oils are invigorating and give you that little wiff that perks you right up. Really great after club hopping or an all-nighter!

Gritty Brick- Ground cornmeal and citrus essential oils scrub even the dirtiest tagger clean. So if you're not out tagging buildings but working in the garden or on the car, this bar is great for getting the grime and grub off.

The pics are just sample sizes, but the regular bars are over 5 oz each and come packaged as displayed.

Ms. yummy

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