Saturday, July 11, 2009

Handmade Soaps

Here are just a few of the many handmade soaps we make. We make both HP and CP soaps (depending on how patient we are feeling) :)
lavender oatmeal
citrus oatmeal
lemon poppyseed
groovy hemp bar
berry luscious
milk & honey
green tea & ginger
ginger lemongrass
orange ya happy
buck naked bar
road to bali
cinnamon scrub
scrub-a-dub bar (gardeners soap)
hazelnut cappuccino
oats & honey
and of course our Dirty soap with Rhassoul mud, tea tree, lavender & lemon essential oils.

Dirty soap is part of our 'grunge' line.......we also offer the FU Bar (for the morning after a really long night) and the Gritty Brick.

Ms. yummy

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