Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CRAZY idea!

Ok, so at the yummy meeting today we brainstormed some ideas and one was very I had to share! hee-hee. Ok, it's really more of a gag gift or would be a really 'cool' present for little boys, little girls- eh, not so much....... 

A bar of soap called 'the up-chuck bar!' So a mixed blend of many soaps into a lumpy, icky looking shape and voila- the up-chuck bar is barfed, I meant...born!

This is not your mothers soap, and no, we wouldn't recommend it as a birthday, wedding or anniversary gift (you may end up on the sofa for that one) but it does have it's place. So yes, we are considering it. 

Just a little pearl of wisdom from deep within the gelatinous masses (aka brains) of the yummy staffers :)

Ms. yummy 

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