Monday, October 18, 2010

tis the season

You can tell the holidays are coming! The temperature is dropping, so we're getting cool, crisp days here in sunny Florida :)
Love this weather- open all your windows, bake some pumpkin bread and soak it all in.

We have been BUSY! We just participated at the LaCita Golf Resort and sold yummy to lots of happy customers- and was also happy to donate some of the proceeds to the Space Coast Cancer Foundation. :)

We've also been busy in the soap kitchen- 200 lbs of lotion, 300 lotion bars and 100 lbs of soap on Friday, not to mention the holiday scrubs: gingerbread, sugar cookie and hot apple cider. LOTS to make, package and get out.

Lately we've playing around with a scrumptious Honey Butter- a fully loaded shea & honey slather, that is super moisturizing and smells like heaven~ Still considering whether to leave it as a mask or add a bit of sugar to make it a scrubby, moisturizing and tasty smelling body scrub.... Hmmmm....we-shall-see! :D

That's the latest- until next time XOXO



  1. I just love this time of year and love that all my favorite shops are stocking holiday scents! :)

  2. Your holiday scrubs sound delish! Also, the Honey Butter would be great as a mask or as a scrub. Tough choice. It sounds like an ultra moisturizing mask though. :)

  3. Agreed Holly!

    Thanks Anne-Marie. I'm a bit of a scrub-a-holic...and tend to do lots of those, but a nice shea honey mask would be divine :)