Friday, August 20, 2010

honey enzyme heel glaze

Our latest from the soap kitchen, the Honey Pot~ an enzyme honey heel glaze. This stuff smells like cinnamon, clove & nutmeg slathered in honey.
It's loaded with skin softening enzymes, like papaya and pineapple and also lactic acid.

You spoon a little out, and rub all over the bottoms of your feet. Leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse off. You can even add a little sugar to your mix and create an exfoliating scrub.

It comes in a cute little 3 oz jam jar and you can find it on ETSY.



  1. Sounds just Yummy! Good to see you back. Hope your abscence means you've been busy with loads of orders and markets. Neat product idea-I've not seen that anywhere else- and after wearing flip flops, sandals, and going barefoot all summer, I'm sure many will find it useful -in fact a must have! :>)

  2. I love how you packaged this heel glaze. It really looks like honey!

  3. Very delectable soaps and very creative! I also like the honey. Very well made soaps. Congratulations!