Friday, October 22, 2010

holiday 2010 goodies


Honestly, I know this feeling well. This is usually what I look like, well, without the styled hair & makeup....a few days prior to the holidays.
If you are anything like me, you will sooooooo appreciate how easy we are making it on you this holiday season!!

Lots of scrumptious bath confections we busy little elves have been cooking up in the soap kitchen. Butter cream sugar scrubs in Gingerbread, Sugar Cookie or Hot Apple Cider. These scents are also available in our highly sought after oat milk (gluten-free) lotions.

We have a Holiday Tree room spray that literally flies off the really smells THAT good.

An adorable snowflake lotion bar made with organic and fair trade shea and cocoa butters and organic jojoba oil in the scent of Sugar Cookie.

Adorable gingerbread men made of soap and they smell, literally like you want to take a bite.

Some organic bars of soap in three holiday scents: pumpkin pie with a touch of spice, hot apple cider and winter wonderland which is a sparkling blue peppermint bar. YUM :)

Our seeded soap box that when you plant it grows wildflowers.

And lastly, super cute pre-wrapped gifts containing a slice of organic soap, a butter cream scrub and an oat milk lotion. Holiday shopping made simple.

If you are a wholesale account, just email: and we will send you the holiday order form....for the rest of you yummy lovers, we will be posting these items this coming week on our Etsy site and our website.



  1. They all sound divine...true Yummy form!! :)

  2. Sounds like a luscious holiday line up! The picture is too funny. The holidays can be a pretty big frenzy. Sounds like you're prepared though :)

  3. As prepared as I can possibly be! And scrumptious scents thanks to Brambleberry ;)

  4. I love your flyer Kim. I need something just like this! Thanks for the inspiration:D

  5. Thanks Patrice! :D Glad I could be of help XOXO

  6. I am very impressed with your ambitious holiday line of products. Very enticing. The pumpkin pie with a touch of spice sounds delectable. And winter wonderland, with its sparkling blue peppermint color scheme, is really attractive. Great work, and continued success for the holiday season.

  7. Thanks Michael. We tend to get a little carried away with the yumminess during the holiday season :D