Monday, November 1, 2010

trade show

A lot going on! Yummy will be going to the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa show in Ft. Lauderdale this coming weekend :)
We've made lots and lots of yummy because cash & carry is a big deal at these shows
Lots of holiday goodies, gingerbread, sugar cookie and hot apple cider and of course, regular line.

Go Yummy GO! :)

A live web-cam at the show would be interesting.....we will see what we can do ;)

peace, love and as always, HAPPINESS!


  1. Loving your holiday line labels! And who can resists gingerbread scents this time of year? Good luck at the show (and with the web cam)!

  2. Thanks Anne Marie!! We'll see about the webcam! ;)

  3. Hello Kim,

    I see you are also a fan of gingerbread. Awesome!

    In addition to gingerbread, sugar cookie and hot apple cider, are you creating any other holiday fragrances?

    I am also interested in your unrefined shea butter. I would like to know more about that.

    Thank you for sharing these great products.


  4. Hi Leslie,

    Those are our 'holiday' scents for the lotions and scrubs. We are also doing pumpkin pie and winter wonderland (peppermint) in our organic soaps.
    I 'think' that covers the holiday It's been a LONG week and my brain is mush right about now! ;)

    Our shea butter is unrefined and fair trade. It has the golden yellow color and nutty aroma. This goes for our cocoa butter's organic and fair trade as well.