Thursday, May 13, 2010

soap pops

We, we just HAD to make these again. It's been about a year since we made soap pops, and that was in a non-silicone mold and it was a b**** getting those little suckers out so I said he**-to-the-no on making them again....UNTIL I saw a sweet silicone mold and thought...that'll work! :)

Super cute and a really adorable gift idea!

We also just finished these cute little "Pucker Up" Edible Lip Scrub Sets.
Each set contains a 1 oz brown sugar lip scrub made of organic fair trade cane & brown sugars, oils and butters and you basically scrub on and lick off. I must say, it's pretty yummy! :)

Then you follow with our Vanilla Lip Butter.......SOOOOOOO buttery and leaves your lips so soft, welly, they're like buttah' baby! ;)

Busy Busy little bees in the yummy kitchen and MORE to come, dahlings!!



  1. OMG! I love the lip scrub/balm set! How adorable:)

    I totally feel you on the soap pop thing. I have one of the old-school plastic molds and it was a biyotch to get the soap out once it hardened. Yours are so cute!

  2. so cute! always love your packaging!

  3. "Scrub it on and LICK IT OFF" - how awesome is that??? Great packaging too!!

    Oh, and the soap pops turned out fantastic as well. Glad you found some nice silicone molds! :)

  4. Oh, me comería todos los helados, ¡qué pinta tienen!
    ¡Muy bellos a la vista! ¡Bravo!