Saturday, May 8, 2010

soap in a sack

We took three of our best selling organic soaps and socked them away in one of our fabulous eco soap bags!

Soap in the sack hangs from your faucet, whether it be in your kitchen or shower. It's natural, biodegradable, fair wage, cotton bag will drip dry and when your soap gets down to a wee little nub, simply drop another bar in.
It reduces waste, takes the place of plastic bottles and is both skin and earth loving.

Comes in three fabulous scents:
Lavender oatmeal- made with oat milk & organic cocoa butter
Spearmint orange- made with coconut milk & organic cocoa butter and
Hot apple cider- made with coconut milk & organic cocoa butter

We've been busy getting 'sets' together for the upcoming Premere Show we're attending in June. The first to hit the scene, the Good Juju Kit! :)

It contains a lavender soap made with coconut milk and tons of cocoa butter, a relaxing lavender aromatherapy mist and a natural cotton eco soap bag!

Needless to say, we've been a wee bit busy! More to come SOON!!!!


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