Sunday, May 23, 2010

clean the world

Woot! Woot! Yummy has donated 51 lbs of soap this year to Clean The World! :)

Check out their website, Clean The World

Clean the World is a non-profit that takes donated soaps and distributes them across the globe. They also distribute to more than 20 homeless shelters, women' shelters, food kitchens and missions.

Its tragic to think that many people die simply because of uncleanliness and not having access to something as simple as soap.....well, we felt like we could pitch in and help out.

It warms our little hearts to know that someone, somewhere is using our soap and it's helping all sorts of people, in all sorts of ways.

peace~love~and paying it forward,


  1. I love that you are always thinking of how you can give back...making the world a little cleaner one bar at a time.

  2. Thank you R!! Paying it forward :)


  3. Aren't they great??? So impressed with their organization! I'm getting ready to send out my second box soon.