Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yummy blog clean up

As you have noticed, we have spruced things up on the yummy blog. Not sure if I have ever mentioned this but Ms. yummy is a Gemini which means I tend to get bored and want to change things around a bit.

We are also in the process of completely revamping our website, and in the next two weeks will roll out that little beauty.

In the meantime, I am so loving this fall weather. How about you? I'm on the East Coast of sunny FLA and boy can it get hot here. Today, nice and cool, 74 degrees and sunny....which is my favorite! I love to open the windows and suck in some ~fresh~ air (and an occasional gnat, but that's considered protein right?!) j/k :)

On to days menu is another go at the pumpkin pie soap. With soap, sometimes it's a winner and other times, well, soap flops or morphs, which in this case is exactly what happened. Don't ask why. Could be the alignment of the planets or just the evil soap fairy (which does exist!) actually this time, user error :'(

The last batch turned out lovely.....until......(que dreadful sounding music) all turned brown. Why you ask? Well, silly willy me put ground cinnamon into the mix and yes, it went from a lovely pumpkin color to a cinnamon color and the cinnamon completely gobbled up the pumpkin smell, so now it's basically a cinnamon soap. Great for fall, yes, but not what was originally intended. So today it's a gorgeous pumpkin pie soap topped with a huge dollop of whipped cream...or should I say, this is at least what is intended ;)

peace~love~and enjoying this lovely weather,


  1. Love the new look-it's much cleaner! Now I need to work on cleaning up mine:)

  2. Your blog looks great! I'm working on getting my purple soap "just right", so I know what you mean!

  3. Thanks! Yes, my whipped topping is a tinge yellow, but hopefully when cut, it's cute cute cute. We'll see :)

    Send me pics of your purple soap! Patrice @ the soap seduction has an awesome Blackberry Sage soap that is purple and gorgeous!

  4. I love the new blog layout....very nice! Easier to read.

  5. LOVE the new look! Pink polka dots rock!! Heehee, something we have in common although I'm a Capricorn but I do tend to get bored and want to change things up!! Can't wait to see the new revamp of your yummy website! :) XOXO

  6. I cannot wait for the website either! Did I mention I have ZERO patience?! lol