Friday, August 28, 2009

Whipped Sugar Scrub

Another adventure brought to you by Ms. yummy and Soap Girl! Woot-Woot!


First let me just say I couldn't' stop drooling while I made this scrub. It's so dang scrumdiddlyumptious! It's loaded with organic cane sugar so you can really scrub all the bumpy dry bits you may or may not have. We added Shea, mango, kokum and avocado butters, golden jojoba, olive, sweet almond, apricot & cherry kernel oils so you skin will lavish this scrub, no COVET this scrub like a hungry 2 year old with a sleeve of Oreo's! MINE!

It's sinful and heavenly at the same time and is kinda like slathering butter cream icing all over you body.....and did I mention what it smells like?? (key drooling) It definitely smells like it's been drizzled in's sweet, but not that sickeningly sweet that you sometimes smell....this is more like something fresh out of the oven, baked and drenched in a buttery, creamy, honey, with a hint of orange and a dash of bergamot and warm vanilla that you will be perfectly happy with going directly on your thighs! :-)

I've read somewhere that smelling like food is not a bad thing and could possibly lead to your own portrayal of that steamy love scene in the movie '9 1/2 Weeks' (minus the cameras, crew and lofty paycheck) but hey, you're a STAR baby and don't let anyone tell you any differently! XOXO

Ms. yummy

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