Friday, August 21, 2009

What to name this butter bar?!

What do we call this little scrumptious wonder? Hmmm.........First let us explain what's in it, just so you know.

It's made mostly of organic cocoa butter, the unrefined GOOD has some fresh banana, which is skin loving, some fair trade unrefined shea butter, fresh avocado- also very skin loving, oh we added an oatmeal infusion because you how how great oats are for the skin and some yummy essential oils like tangerine, lavender, sandalwood, rose absolute and frankincense, so it smells........YUMMY!

This is one HECK of a body butter bar and deserves a name that's fitting.....Da Bomb? Mr. Big? Head Honcho? Buttah King?
Hmmmmmmm.......... Any ideas?

Ms. yummy


  1. "Body Butter Lover"! Cause it soft and sweet and makes you feel so good, like a lover should! hmm, I will keep brain storming.. It sounds wonderful.

  2. "Mr. Boom-Bos-tic", "Luva luva", "Mr. Yummy", "Royal Treat"

  3. I love these!! Excellente Fawnita :)


  4. I'm leaning towards 'Big Softy' :)