Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New body butters that are deeeeee-lish!

We had some body butters going and they were nice, mostly pure shea & mango butters, which were EXTREMELY hydrating and really great for really dry skin but left some feeling a bit, well.......oily. Not so yummy. So we headed back into the think tank and pondered many oils, recipes and even the theory of relativity....ok maybe we're fudging a bit here, but you get the point.

What we formulated was a body butter that is rich and creamy and leaves you skin hydrated allll daaaaay looooooong. It's luscious and once you get your hands in it, you may get a little carried away with the slathering.........saying MORE! MORE! MORE! (hee-hee) That's not such a bad thing.

For now, we offer four yummy scents: Green Tea & Ginger (fresh), Key West (very tropical), Sugar Momma (smells like candy ), and Nummy Nummy (which is basically a vanilla, caramel cookie scent that you wanna eat)

peace~love~& body butter happiness,
Ms. yummy

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