Monday, May 11, 2009

Yeah!! Soap Cakes

Handmade and scrumptious- smelling lovely of lemon-citrus scents....

Or rich and creamy chocolate, with chocolate curls on top!

This one is Chocolate and Coconut, with warm yummy coconut soap shaved on the top, to add to the effect.

This is the double chocolate, wrapped with a pink bow and topped with a silk orchid.

They are gorgeous and look so pretty sitting on a cake pedestal. They come pre-sliced, and wrapped with the bow, so you only need to send your guests out the door with a clam-shell (preferable the recyclable kind) filled with their own piece of soap.

Our clam shells look like clear plastic but are actually made of 100% corn! Yeah, can you believe it?! They are fully biodegradable within 45-60 days and so eco-friendly! We love that! We can add these to your order as well.

Give us some notice, some of our cakes can be ready in as little as two weeks, others need four weeks to cure.

peace ~ love ~ happiness,
Ms. Yummy

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