Monday, May 11, 2009

Cupcake fizzy's

What a great gift idea! A cupcake bath fizzy!

Our cupcakes are bath fizzy's on the base and the frosting is actually whipped soap. We make them smell yummy too, like a freshly baked butter-cream topped cupcake. Yum!

You put the whole cupcake in the bath, the fizzy will erupt in a bubbly, fizzy  delight, releasing skin softening oils and the frosting (soap) floats around until you are ready to scrub a dub.

Our 4 oz cupcakes were such a hit, we decided to make mini-cupcakes that are coming soon! 

They smell great and make bath time so FUN.

They will be packaged in a set of three or more and they are so cute, who wouldn't love these adorable mini bath cupcakes?!

They make great party favors too ;) Bridal, birthday, classrooms....just thought we'd throw that out there! 

peace ~ love ~ happiness
Ms. Yummy

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