Saturday, January 22, 2011

in the schwing of things

Ahhh.....the holiday vacation was so nice and NEEDED! Soaping is a seriously crazy business, especially during the holidays! You literally are up to your eyeballs in product. :D

We are now getting our Valentines goodies together. Some very cute (if we do say so ourselves) goodies indeed!

Double Valentines Cupcake Bath Bombs wrapped with a bow, Single Cupcake Bath Bombs, Mini Cupcake Bath Bombs, Mini Berry Soap in handmade paper, Wickedly Sinful Organic Chocolate Soap Wrapped

And of course, we will have some of our ol'faithful products that make great Valentines gifts..

Death By Chocolate Butter Cream Sugar Scrub

Candy Man Soap

Pucker Up Lickable Lip Scrub & Butter Kit

Back to the soap kitchen :D XOXO



  1. Cute stuff! I'll be soliciting your help on my next blog post about my cupcake bath bomb disaster!

  2. Thanks P! lol, btdt with the cupcake bath bomb disaster :)

  3. Aren't Valentines Day projects SO fun?! That sugar scrub looks so yummy!

  4. Hi Kim,

    I really like the Candy Man soap. Very nice. The colors are dazzling and very eye-catching. Good choice!