Saturday, December 19, 2009

...the ugly

the good, the bad....and this is just plain ugly!
Was supposed to be my nemesis......copacabana...a luscious pineapple, coconut smelling multi-colored soap that I had made previously, several times....and broke the FIRST cardinal rule of soap making.......----> WRITE DOWN YOUR RECIPE. {A DUH blonde moment}
Did I? Nope....and so, trying to remake that same luscious wonderful soap months later I ended up with 8 lb vat after 8 lb vat of disasters! Horrid batches that looked like something that someone threw-up! Not yummy AT ALL!
So I thought I was clever and just "KNEW!" which FO was the culprit....and so I removed it from the blend of FO's.....and made another 8 lb batch.

{play dreadful sounding music}

I pour the lye water into the oils.....and stick wasn't curdling like all the previous I thought, Great! :) {ignorance is bliss}

30 minutes later :( Seperation! AHHHHHHH! About 1" of oil floating on top of the soap in the mold. It's in the I do mostly CPOP....and I decide ---> NOT AGAIN!
{Dun-Dun-Dahhhhhhhhhhhh!}This batch WILL make it...and I think "what can I do?" so I grab my stick blender and with the oven door open...I'm blending the soap, in the mold, in the oven. Saying goodbye to the lovely yellow, green and blue swirls that I had previously created :'( This was a last-ditch effort to SAVE THIS SOAP! I figured, I'd force the oils back into the soap and cook the cr*p out of it...and see what happens. {serious rocket science} Who knows right?! {thinking to self} Post-it's were created accidentally....maybe this would be some strange new soap creation?? I'm stick blending and 10 minutes later....still blending.....bent over....head partially in the oven. A site to see.

So it cooks.....I check the's cools and this is what I end up with.....A very strange, sci-fi looking soap!

It's rubbery and you can squish it. You're in the circle of trust...and we are honest in the soap kitchen...... I am so tempted to slap a label on it and call it The Grinch Soap. May be a hit with the kids!

Anyways.......I figured I'd share this because we all have the good, the bad and well, there's just the UGLY!

Happy holidays to you all! XOXO


  1. hihihaha, Solch immer wieder Dinge passieren und keiner weiß warum komischen.
    Stempeln und Grinch für Kinder ist doch ne prima Idee und so hässlich ist die Farbe auch nicht.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. sorry for your disappointment. I had 4, count them, 4 batches of my Orange Ya' Clover that seized, zapped, name it. When did this happen? Just 3 weeks ago in the midst of your copacabana crisis. I'm choosing to blame it on the dreaded Soap Fairy...she must have some wicked twist on spreading holiday cheer! LOL.

  3. lol It must be the soap fairy! Ditto to you.

  4. That is definitely unique! It's kind of like martian green slime/putty! Sorry you're having troubles. Maybe the gremlins will leave soon! :)

  5. Usually I have an open mind about these things, but in this case: HELLZ NO..LOL. Toss it. I know how awful it feels to have to waste a batch of soap because supplies aren't cheap!

  6. Just remember, it's what's on the inside that counts :)
    Im sure it still smells terrific.
    My 2 yr old calls the grinch, The Grinchy Grinch. Grinch soap would be a hit at my house! Sell it :)

  7. hee hee!
    I think this bar qualifies as FUGLY! :O

  8. Disappointing for sure - it must smell amazing though! I wonder what it will be like after a few months? If you decide to keep it that long... :)

  9. How frustrating...and I'm so visualizing the blending head first in the oven. LOL!!! By the way...I just got my lotion pops and I'm in love.

  10. Yay! Yes, I have a lotion pop sitting on my desk as I type this!
    My husband has become particularly fond of the sugar cookie scent hee-hee ;)

  11. Green and Bendy . . . I'd say its Gumby Soap!!!

  12. You could:
    Cut interesting shapes out of it and use for embeds in a different xmas batch with the same scent....just a thought on saving at least some of it...or condemn it to being "family soap" ;o)

  13. what do you mean your the soap tested neutral, real soap cannot be neutral maybe that is why it is rubbery

  14. You are correct with regards to CP soap, but this was HP soap and does test neutral. I'm certain it was 'user error' lol I had to have mis-measured something.